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Jason Christopher Lee Allen December 28, 2023
"I'm employed by Reflection Glass. A great Co to work for, they are generous and provide all things necessary for me to be the best at my job."
Jason Shuttlesworth January 24, 2022
"Quality glass shop. Good prices."
Ricky Caballero August 31, 2021
"Went in today looking for a specific type of glass blocks. Although they didn't have it the guy that helped me was very nice and answered all of my questions."
Brandon DeVore October 9, 2019
"I have used and referred Reflection Mirror "
Roger Gray November 18, 2018
"Good folks who know the glass business well. It's a pleasure everytime we work with them. An honest and fair team makes the choice easy. I highly recommend Reflection Mirror for a smooth experience all the way through your job. With a high level of technical expertise, they can be trusted do any job right."
Wizzer A July 23, 2018
"The ownership is awesome, really good people. Fair prices, and quality work"